Our Services


With legitimate up to date OE scan tools for 36 manufacturer name plates, we can handle all your programming and immobilizer needs for almost every module on the nameplates we service. We come to you and provide services on site at your facility.

We even offer a rapid response program for those urgent programming situations!!


We provide on site diagnostics at your facility!!

Diagnostics of problems in any area of the vehicle is our specialty. We have the diagnostic equipment that most dealerships use and equipment that most dealers have never heard of. 

Our state of the art equipment and trained technicians  allow us to diagnose problems with a 98% success rate!!

Collision Services

If you're in the collision business we can help you. From pre and post scans using legitimate, up to date  factory scan tools to complete ADAS calibrations, diagnostics and setups utilizing OE targets and equipment we can assure ADAS systems that are restored to the Manufacturer's specifications.

Carbon Cleaning

Carbon cleaning is one of our newest services. Powered by the revolutionary new 3C intelligent Induction system cleaner from ATS chemicals we can restore vehicle performance on most Gas and Diesel engines in under 30 minutes at your location.

We also offer advanced Borescope inspections using the ATS IC inspection camera, We can provide both photos and recordings for your customers to use as a selling tool. 

Want the equipment for your facility?

We can sell, setup, train and support your purchases from us of ATS equipment at your facility. 


Do you or your employees need help in a particular area?

Diagnostics on Wheels offers training at your facility for a personalized training experience. we provide help in almost every area that could be a problem for your facility.   

Give us a call to see if we can help with your training issue!!