About Us

Rick Layton diagnosing a Corvette with the ATS Borescope

Our Mission

Diagnostics on Wheels was founded in 2005 by Rick Layton (shown above) to help auto repair facilities provide an extra level of service to their customers without having to send them to the dealer. 


Experienced Technicians

With over a hundred years experience in the automotive and electronics industry our technicians have the knowledge to assist you with the vehicles you need service whether it is a daily driver or a highly modified weekend warrior. Our tech technicians also have experience in fields outside the automotive industry in areas such as electronics, laser, radar, infrared, Motorsports, computer, research, design and even equipment testing. With factory scan tools for over 35 different name plates and some of the most advanced testing equipment in the industry if we can't provide the service you need we will know who can.


Service that delivers

With over a 98% success rate at dealing with diagnostics and 95% of programming appointments serviced by the end of the next business day we can get the job done for you.

We even offer rapid response programming for those situations where time is of the essence!