How do I become a customer?

We only service qualified auto repair facilites. We do NOT compete with you by servicing the public. 

We service many different types of Auto Repair Facilities each with it's own set of requirements. If you qualify please download a programming agreement from our documentation section to get you started!

Auto Body and Mechanical Repair Facilities

If you are an automotive service provider in our service area it is simple to obtain our services. Simply fill out a programming agreement to begin using our services. Unfortunately due to the extremely high demand for our diagnostic services at this time Diagnostic appointments are only available to regular customers.

Fleet Service Facilities and Auto Dealers

To qualify for our services you must have a full time technician working in a fully equipped facility. As stated above Diagnostic services are only  available for regular customers. Additionally Diagnostics on Wheels requires auto dealers to provide proof of ASE certification of their technicians to use our services.


2016 programming agreement (pdf)


2016 Diagnostic Agreement (pdf)


2016 rebuilder agreement (pdf)


LSID D-1 Form with detailed instructions (pdf)